UGG Boots Trend Is Back – A Footwear Revolution

The UGG Boots have made a tepid return to fashion these days. The boots have defeated their haters and surely earned a guaranteed place in women’s closet as they are now more of a fashionable thing to wear than just waiting for mercury to dip.

It is no surprise sight out in a winter without seeing a parade of women of all ages wearing these awesome sheepskin booties. So pervasive, UGG Boots are more than a quarter of women in this world now own a pair.

Isn’t it time to embrace UGG Boots fashion pleasure?

Talking about last month, how many of you have refused to step into dazzling heels and opted for the pair of UGG Boots? Once or maybe twice? Isn’t it time that we embrace this guiltiest pleasure of fashion? This sheepskin UGG Boots are no longer the seen as old-fashioned styled boots, instead new generation style stars have been seen adopting this new range of UGG Boots.

The name “UGG Boots” originated

UGG Boots also termed as “UGGS” is an unisex styled sheepskin boots originated from Australia. In the year 1971, an Australian entrepreneur surfer capitalized on the fame of these boots and registered under the name of “UGG Boots”. After then, there were several Australian manufacturers who came into limelight manufacturing these boots. However, the original surfer sold his right to the American company named Deckers Outdoor Corporation. – More on this: The Truth about UGG and Wikipedia

Sheep are of course renowned more than their skins

The reason for overwhelming popularity for the UGG Boots is its “Sheepskin” – they are warm, comfortable and can be worn in all types of weather. This sheepskin boot is a practical shoe that helps to keep your feet warm. The soft skin of sheep feels like a second skin, helping in maintaining body temperature.

The boot’s wool has natural wicking properties that draw the moist away from the skin helping it to keep smooth and dry. Moreover, the wearer’s feet shouldn’t smell after wearing UGG Boots, because the wool fleece helps the air inside to circulate that let feet breathe.

If properly taken care, these boots last for many years which make it a good investment for the buyer. Even in the most rugged weather conditions, you will find these UGG Boots to last several seasons as the fabric- sheepskin is strong and equipped with natural elasticity that makes them long term footwear when compared to others.